Terms of Service

Payment provider of this reservation, hereby referred to as “client”, understands and agrees to the following:

IRide Limo LLC

Client will be held responsible, and charged accordingly at the sole discretion of IRide Limo LLC., any damages which occur as a result of accident and/or negligence caused by the client or the client’s guests/passengers or by client related parties on-site of any location where a IRide Limo LLC vehicle is present or affiliate company. Upon IRide Limo LLC or it’s Affiliates vehicle seizure for any reason resulting from illegal substances, the client will also be held responsible and charged for all related and incurred expenses or damages caused directly or indirectly to this business’s ability to operate vehicle for profit, including, but not limited to, tow fees, storage expenses, lost revenues, attorney fees, lost employee or driver wages, and any financial harm recoverable under due process of law. Client accepts full financial responsibility for any special cleaning that may be deemed necessary as a result of negligent behavior of passengers. Client hereby authorizes IRide Limo LLC to charge expenses immediately, regardless of, and in addition to, any prior understanding or agreements. Client agrees that any of his/her behaviors or activities (or that of guest(s) or passenger(s)) that are deemed by chauffeur or IRide Limo LLC or it’s Affiliates to be illegal, perilous, or dangerous to the safety of self or others will result in immediate termination of the reservation without refund. The decisions made by IRide Limo LLC, its employees, affiliates, and/or chauffeurs are final. IRide Limo LLC and it’s Affiliates are not responsible for any articles left in vehicles, we will do the best we can. Pick-Up and/or Drop-Off times may be delayed at no financial compensation or refund back to client due to conditions beyond our immediate control, including, but not limited to: weather, traffic, road conditions, mechanical break-down, prior reservation overlaps caused beyond our control, and lack of proper communications by client of any changes, address errors, etc. IRide Limo LLC and it’s affiliates are not liable in the event of mechanical breakdown while on charter and will only be responsible for making up lost time at a mutually agreed date. Vehicles have stated maximum capacities which cannot be exceeded for any reason at any time. Credit cards are charged or authorized 24 hours prior to reseravation time. Tolls, extra stops, extra time, parking and other fees can apply and be charged once reservation is complete.We have an 12 hour cancellation policy on all sedan and suv reservations, late cancel and no shows will be billed full amount of reservation, plus gratuity.Specialty vehicles such as Executive Sedans, Premium Sedans, Mercedes, Sprinters, and limo's have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Mini-Buses and motorcoaches have a 72 hour cancellation policy, no shows and late cancels will be billed vehicles minimum hours plus gratuity. Special event's such as conventions, sporting events, awards shows, concerts and other large events, require a 72 hour notice on cancellation.Please contact us immediately and as soon as possible for changes. With submission of credit card information, client agrees to all terms, conditions, and current or potential post-billable additional charges outlined above. IRide Limo LLC is a broker and carries all appropriate incurances needed, IRide Limo LLC is a broker of transportation and can not be held liable for injury resulting from accident or other incident.